Heritage Program

A personal and professional development program for women seeking an immersive international experience into the cultures and challenges of the country of cultural heritage. As female leadership grows Heritage aims to be a platform where women can grow their international collaboration while reflecting on their identity. The program was developed in response to two main interests: 1) womens’ loss of cultural knowledge and their interest to regain it and 2) cultural understanding between resource providers and the communities they serve.

Through honest discussions with women leaders at all levels, Heritage introduces participants to traditions, cultural norms, governmental structures, leadership practices and current challenges faced by the host country’s communities.

Inspired By

The inspiration for this project came from women in leadership positions in various fields who saw the importance of recognizing the value of their cultural identity and connection with other women to enhance success. Heritage uses (re)connection as its focus because women tend to be the keepers of cultural knowledge and currently many who have strong ties to their countries of heritage need to further connect and explore, or many have lost their heritage knowledge completely and wish to regain it. Heritage encourages you to stop theorizing about who you are and instead inspires you to go out and discover it.


To guide women through the journey of (re)connection. It will provide resources and global connections that can help in acquiring and administering the tools needed to lead in any profession using ancestral heritage as an asset. 

Your Journey with Heritage

A one week international experience comprised of sessions, workshops, and hands on cultural activities that provide an introduction to matters that currently impact women of the host country. The program also provides a space to begin the research and reflection of your cultural heritage.

Participants will focus on addressing identity and its complexity while developing new ways to understand its importance in all settings. In addition, participants will also enhance their knowledge of professional development across borders including but not limited to: academic and professional language use, cultural history and its impact on women, global challenges faced by women and perspective of leadership. 

Leading Themes

Personal Development

Professional Development

Language Development

2019 Heritage Program

The beautiful City of Puebla hosted the summer 2019 Heritage Program. It provided a space to learn about Cinco de Mayo, Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, chiles en nogada, historical and current female leadership and much more.

2022 Heritage Program

The City of Mexico and the City of Puebla will host Heritage for the fall 2022 season-just in time for the Dia de Los Muertos Celebrations. Join us for an exiting and life changing adventure!

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