2022 Heritage Program

Migration. Healing. Identity. Leadership.

The themes for the 2022 Heritage Program were built upon the experience of participants of previous Programs. The 2022 Program will expand to include more elements of current global affairs. It will take place in Puebla, Mexico from October 22-30, 2022.

The 2022 Heritage Program will provide participants with an in depth look at migration patterns, healing methods, and women leadership in Mexico. This year’s sessions will include special guest speakers from the highest levels of government to community organizers.

The 2022 Heritage Program will inspire you to learn about yourself and your potential leadership capabilities, it will help you reflect on the needs of communities, and it will provide you with skills to continue building binational collaboration.

Applications Now Open!

Second Round Applications Close August 15, 2022!



For many women growing in a country that is different from that of their parents creates a question of identity and belonging. The core of the Heritage Program involves addressing the intersectional identity that can create challenges and many opportunities for women.


Participants will have an opportunity to visit some routes that migrants travel during their journey through Mexico towards the United States. Participants will be provided a a space to speak to activists and attorneys who fight for migrant rights as they explore routes such as “El Camino Real” known as the historical route that many indigenous peoples traveled as they were enslaved and forced north and the infamous freight train route which is known for hosting “La Bestia” a train


Participants will attend workshops with Mexican woman leaders to gain better insights on how to engage in binational collaboration.


Participants will experience personal healing through sessions provided by master healing practitioners that will aid participants through their journey of understanding their personal history and identity.


Exploring all components of the 2022 Heritage Program has been thoroughly prepared by the Heritage team and partners. Participant safety, both physical and mental, is of the upmost importance to us. Prior to being accepted to the program the team will conduct interviews with all applicants and will answer all questions pertaining to any safety concerns.

Program Location

Program locations have been determined by a collaboration between program partners and sponsors.

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