To promote the integral development of people, who are part of the diverse population and/or vulnerable segments, through the design, planning, coordination and management of projects that promote education, integration, coexistence, integral health, and community welfare; as well as the self-managed, sustainable and sustainable development of their communities.

Noble Led: Enhancing Global Competence and Leadership

It is becoming quite clear that global competance is necessary to be considered for the global job market. The question is how do we become globally competent? Noble led is a platform where you can begin your journey of growth and leadership without having to do it alone.

Noble Led provides support to those interested in enhancing their global competence by first encouraging them to engage in binational projects or programs and then guiding them through the creation of their own global initiative.

How we do it?

Noble Led members design international experiential education programs that teach people not content. We work with a service learning design that focuses on tone setting, processing, differentiation, and patterns of interaction that impact the learning process but most importantly inspire younger members to develop their vision and eventually lead their own projects or programs.

Program/Project Themes

What is International Experiential Education?

Experiential education is a holistic approach to learning. It stems from the Experiential Learning Theory (ELT) that explains how learning happens when providing an education experiences outside of the classroon. Noble led encourages those with a vision to create and then guides them through the creation process. The education experience is not to be confused with a life experience. Unlike a life experience, the education experience includes a cycle of reflection, theorizing and planning as indicated in Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle (1984) below.

The experiential learning cycle is used to help guide the design of international experiential education projects/programs that build global competance in areas impacting social change.

Sometimes rooted in Freire’s critical pedagogy, in critical race theory, and in femenist theory, among others, experiential education programs may also emphasize the importance of working to identify and dismantle inequitable power structures in society for the explicit goal of social justice

Punteney (2019)

How to become.

If you have a project or program idea in mind and you wish to develop it further to launch it in another country, contact us and we will guide you through the process of developing a network of collaboration by engaging you in current programming, Or, if you feel you need to enhance your global competence, leadership and diplomacy skills we encourage you to become a member.

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