Noble Led is home to several bi-national initiatives. It strives to provide a place where current practitioners or students of diplomacy, education, entrepreneurship, science, technology and global service can design and implement short term high impact programs or businesses.  Click on any of the banners below to learn more about each initiative.


Connect with Heritage

A professional development program for women seeking an immersive international experience into the cultures and challenges of the country or countries of cultural origin and/or countries of those most impacted by the U.S..

Binational Assembly of Leaders

The annual binational assembly of leaders invites noble leaders of both the US and Mexico to meet for collaborative sessions on building a network of support for binational projects. If you are seeking to enhance your skills on binational collaboration, if you are seeking to enhance your network, or if you are interested in learning how to create binational programming or projects this is the event for you.


Health and Wellness

Every year Noble Led features a health and wellness specialist who is recognized for noble acts of care for community. This year Noble Led is featuring Rita Navarrete-a Mexican holistic specialist who has been sharing her knowledge with US healthcare practitioners for 20 years.


Noble Led is seeking aspiring entrepreneurs to highlight on our website at a binational level. Noble Led looks for projects that are for the intention of serving a community or communities or to educate the public on the benefits or cultural background of a certain product. Please contact Noble Led to request more information by clicking the button below.


International Experiential Education

Learn to design international experiential programs by participating in a program and then leading your own. Noble Led provides the platform to assist you in your interest to enhance your professional skills in the field of international education and your network in Mexico or Latin America. Learn all there is to designing, managing, and executing a binational program outside of the US through hands on experience and with the support of specialists in the field. Contact Noble Led to provide the idea or vision you have for yourself as a professional in the field of international education.



An interethnic platform, proposed by Mexican Indigenous youth, to preserve the cultural heritage of the indigenous peoples of America and to promote initiatives of those who belong to and promote indigenous communities.

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