Assembly of Binational Leaders

The Assembly of Binational leaders is a annual event of binational collaboration of noble leaders from both the US and Mexico. The objetive is to come together, learn from one another, discuss the challenges faced by vulnerabale communties, and find ways to collaborate in addressing them.

Upcoming Binational Assemblies

California 2022

New Mexico, U.S.A 2023

Mexico City 2024


April 9-13,2022

April 09, 2022-April 13,2022

Creating Ties between indigenous/native peoples of the americas


The 3rd annual binational assembly of leaders will take place in the State of California in 2022. The mission is to learn about, connect and formalize diplomatic relations with US and Mexican Indigenous/Native peoples living in Southern and Central California to discuss future bilateral collaboration in effort to revitalize and preserve ancestral knowledge and culture.

Topics of Interest

Sessions begin in the City of Los Angeles and end in Santa Barbara California. Sessions will focus on the following topics:

  • The challenges in revitalizing language, culture, identitites, and worldview
  • Developing a network of Indigenous/Native community leaders
  • Creating working groups for Indigenous/Native youth
  • Documenting the practice of Indigenous/Native diplomacy


  • Los Angeles
  • Malibu
  • Oxnard
  • Santa Barbara



Mixteco/Indigenous Community Organizing Project


Chumash-Santa Ynez

Noble Faculty-UCSB

Noble Faculty-UCLA

Noble Students-UCLA & UCSB

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